Experimental black metal band ARKHETH return with a new full length

Good things take time. It was a challenge to find an equally outrageous artwork for the music of Australian black metal entity ARKHETH. We’re pleased with the results. The music of ARKHETH is unlike any other – they’re experimental in their own way without owing too much to any band per se. Listen to the creepy song in full that’s streaming on our official Bandcamp page HERE


ARKHETH (Australia) – ’12 Winter Moons Comes The Witches Brew’ Box Set / Digipak CD / Merch / Digital (February 20th, 2018)

Genre – Experimental Black Metal
Release Date – February 20th, 2018
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity Records (India)

Sinuous, haunting and bizarre, ARKHETH’s music is extraordinary. There have been experimental black metal bands, but this is something else entirely. It’s a micro-fusion of all the different stylings the genre can encompass, brilliantly strung together in a seemingly twisted albeit seamless manner. It requires rare ingenuity to create music that is discordant and melodic at the same time. The addition of saxophone only ups the bizarre quotient and adds colour to the unhinged madness. Virtually peerless and transcending boundaries, this is black metal that is gorgeous in all its demented, intricate design.

Track list: 
1. Trismegistus
2. Dark Energy Equilibrium
3. Where Nameless Ghouls Weep
4. The Fool Who Persists In His Folly
5. A Place Under The SunLine up: 
Tyrone ‘Tyraenos’ Kostitch – All Instruments

Glen Wholohan – Saxophone

Album artwork by T Bare McClough (UK)

Logo by Mark Riddick (US)

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