Australian brutal death metal force BURIAL CHAMBER unleash new full length

It’s a rare pleasure to come across some surprisingly solid and powerful brutal death metal bands and BURIAL CHAMBER are one among them. If you’re into death metal and SUFFOCATION, you can’t miss out on this mighty band. Stream their songs on Bandcamp HERE or you can proceed to download their promo via Haulix.

BURIAL CHAMBER (Australia) – ‘Ripping The Dead’ CD / Digital 

Genre – Brutal Death Metal
Release Date – July 29th, 2017
Record Label – Independent

Australian bands tend to surprise you when you’re least expecting it. There’s so much talent coming from that country, it seriously beggars belief. Here we have a brutal death metal band with impeccable songwriting skills. It’s a chock-a-block with excellent riffs and that’s without compromising on the pulsating intensity and drive. It’s early/mid-SUFFOCATION all over again but with an updated sound and renewed songwriting template. This is only BURIAL CHAMBER‘s second full length album but it’s going to surpass your expectations when you sit down to start absorbing this monstrous masterpiece. They’re the best kept secret from down under in the style and no one should miss out on this overlooked gem that just came out this year.

Line up: 
Jeremy Beal – Bass
Mark Robertson – Drums
Clint Callaghan – Guitars, Vocals

Track list: 
1. Corpse Mutilation
2. Tearing Bodies
3. Smearing Limbs With Blood
4. Lobotomize Infected Beings
5. Flesh To Deform
6. Decaying Body Surgery
7. Decomposing Cadaver
8. Feed On The Dead
9. Infested Remains

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