Atmospheric death metal band FRAGARAK release new official video

Atmospheric death metal band Fragarak have released a breathtaking official video for their short song Alucinari: The Fall. It can be viewed AT THIS LINK. Previously Rolling Stone premiered their first official video HERE.

  • “one mammoth release” – ROLLING STONE (India)

  • “a fascinating trip” – NO CLEAN SINGING (US)

  • “unafraid to make use of sparse clean vocals, acoustic passages, subtle melodic leads, Indian Classical vocals, and a wide variety of drum styles” – TOILET OV HELL (US)

  • “A beautiful album” – METAL EYES (Italy) 8.7/10

  • “never once thought I’d heard a death metal record so intrinsic and so other-worldly such as “A Spectral Oblivion”” – HEAD-BANGER REVIEWS (US)

FRAGARAK (India) – ‘A Spectral Oblivion’ Gatefold 8-Panel Digipak CD / T-shirt / Digital (October 30th, 2017)

Genre – Experimental Death Metal
Release Date – October 30th, 2017
Record Label – Transcending Obscurity India (sub-label)

Ambitious Indian band FRAGARAK from New Delhi have come up with an album of epic proportions. Featuring Louis Rando of IMPIETY on drums, they’ve fabricated elaborate songs that are both atmospheric and suspenseful. Their first album was groundbreaking in its vision, but with ‘A Spectral Oblivion’ they’ve truly proved their worth. This is a statement of sorts that bands from this part of the world too can come up with music that’s original. Though steeped in classic death metal, they’ve done well to expand upon that style and add their own aura of mysticism and intrigue. Albums like these probably won’t ever be replicated, but there’s enough material here to last a while.
Line up: 
Supratim Sen: Vocals
Kartikeya Sinha: Bass, Clean Vocals
Arpit Pradhan: Guitars, Clean Vocals
Ruben Franklin: Guitars
Louis Rando: DrumsDrums recorded by Louis Rando from November to December 2016 in Perth, Western Australia
Lead guitars in ‘Fathoms of Delirium’ by Vishal J. Singh of Amogh Symphony
Alap in Ālūcinārī IV – The Fall’ by Pavithra Chari of Shadow and Light
Alap in Ālūcinārī II and III by Disha
Additional vocals in ‘In Rumination II – Reflections’ and ‘Specter – An Oblivion Awakens’ – by Akshay Fotedar
All Choir Arrangements by Ruben Franklin

Recorded at 300 BPM and Fragarak’s studio from October to December 2016 in Delhi and Kerala, India 2016
Produced by Rahul Mehalwal and Fragarak
Mixed and Mastered by Nikolas Quemtri at NRQ Studios, Ukraine

Artwork by Dixon (Intuitive Designs)

Track list: 
1. In Rumination I – The Void
2. In Rumination II – Reflections
3. The Phaneron Eclipsed
4. Ālūcinārī I – Transcendence
5. Fathoms of Delirium
6. Ālūcinārī II – Revelations
7. Spectre – An Oblivion Awakens
8. Ālūcinārī III – A Reverie
9. This Chastising Masquerade
10. Of Ends Ethereal
11. Ālūcinārī IV – The Fall

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