Country: Greece

Year: 2016

Style: Heavy Metal

Label: Self-released
Rating: 8,5 / 10

When I saw for the first time the cover of this EP, I was sure that I will hear a gothic band. Even the band logo fooled me. Why? Because this is a heavy metal band with power metal influences. TERRA INCOGNITA came from Athens, Greece, and they are a five-piece band.

Now about music. This EP is about 18 minutes total time and it has 4 songs. I don’t like EP’s very much because are too short and is hard to make a valid idea about the band music.

The first song is “My Emptiness” which is a fast and powerful song just fine to open this EP. Very powerful and strong voice too, and make a perfect match with other instruments.

The second song is “Conqueror” and is a song that alternates slow parts with speed parts like some beautiful songs from ICED EARTH if you know what I mean.

TERRA INCOGNITA is a very good band with a strong evolution from the 2011 album “Barren Land”. These EP compositions are stronger, more complex and it sounds better. These Greeks are on the right track and I enjoy very much this 4 beautiful songs.

The only bad thing I have to say about this release is that after 5 years from the debut I expected a full-length album, not just 4 songs. But better less than nothing! Right?

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