PERSECUTORY – Towards The Ultimate Exctinction



Country: Turkey

Year: 2017

Style: Black/Thrash Metal

Label: Godz Ov War Productions

Rating: 9,5 / 10

When I receive a package from Godz ov War Production record label I’m already used to get very high-quality products. Both from musical and artistic ( artwork and product quality) point of view.

Ok, let’s move to our band for this review: PERESECUTORY. This band came from Turkey. Yes, you read right, from Turkey. And if I say to you that this band plays black/thrash metal, you believe me? You must, because I’m not kidding.

These four guys know what they doing, meaning cold and skull crushing old school black/thrash metal. I lake combination of demonic voice with a desperate high scream. This combination of voices makes a very dark and sick atmosphere. Pure evil!

The song which name the album is a monster of a song with a total time of 11:41, sounding like old MAYHEM or old DISSECTION. I think this song represents perfectly this album music with changes of tempos and rhythms. This is a little dark masterpiece. Very progressive too. You can hear even an Attila-like voice. I simply love this track! Not a single weak moment. You don’t have the time to be bored.

The rest of the songs are in the same style with evil lurking at every corner ready to grab you and take you in the depths of burning hell.

As I said before, you must be prepared for a very dark and evil black metal with thrash metal and death metal passages, many tempo and rhythm changes made with surgical precision and made only for you to get crazy.

I love this album and I think you will too!

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