IN VEIN – Veiled In Pain

Country: Greece

Year: 2016

Style: Goth Rock / Industrial Metal

Label: Self-released
Rating: 8,5 / 10

IN VAIN is a goth/industrial metal band from Athens, Greece. From the start, I want to tell you that these guys are here to make troubles. I mean troubles in a good way. Goth way. This material is an EP with 5 songs.

What will you find on this material?

Fast as hell goth songs like The 69 Eyes, with a voice like Jyrki 69 with some industrial metal parts and dark wave. This band music is full of passion, full of pain and sorrow like is no tomorrow.

If you like Finland cold as ice goth bands, for sure you will love this band that comes from a country full of sun and heat. I wonder from where this band draws this dark songs. Maybe from the cold city underground clubs.

If you will listen very carefully, you will receive a big gift. The gift of The Sisters Of Mercy. That is a true gift indeed.

On the production side, I wish things have been much clearer. Maybe on the next material. I have somewhat a blurry feeling that makes me want a better production. I’m sure that on the next material, this things will be just fine. After all, this is just an EP.

If you like goth/industrial metal this is your first bite from what will be a great band. I expect only very good things from this band.

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