FALSE REALITY – End of Eternity

Country: Romania

Year: 2016

Style: Melodic Death Metal

Label: Loud Rage Music

Rating: 10 / 10

This is a Romanian melodic black/death metal band from Brasov. I know this guys maybe from 1999 – 2000. They have struggled very much to release a professional even from the very start. They released in 1999 an independent demo named “Escape From Doom” and in 2002 they released under “Sidekick” label a very good EP entitled “Tales Of Eternity”. After that, silence bit this young and promising Romanian band. This cursed silence was broken in 2016 by the release of the full-lenght album “End Of Eternity”. Honestly, I would name the album “End Of Silence”, but this is just me. I don’t know if the album title it is related with Issac Asimov S.F. masterpiece book, but is a cool name for a metal album anyway.
So, let’s see what have to offer this album.
This album starts with a kind of beautiful and dark incantation that become the first song of the album. “Bewitched”. This is a fast song with a deep doom metal feeling. This doom feeling is brought to the light with a doom passage that reminds me of Anathema. Old Anathema.
This Anathema feeling is present in song two, “The Silence Within”. I like the pain that this song surrounds the audience. Very old school too. The slow parts are beautifully completed by the fast parts.
“Rapture And Pain” starts with an old Paradise Lost like intro and develops into a very sensitive gothic/doom death song. Old school like we are still in 1993. Beautiful song with some clean voices too and very good guitar solo. It’s a perfect song.
“Rih Al Khamsin” starts in the very death metal old school genre only to morph in a very death metal progressive song like old Amorphis but with an original touch. You will hear the duel between clean voice and death metal growl. The fast part of the song and the voice reminds me of the Amon Amarth style.
You can here on this album some atmospheric black metal parts too along with beautiful doom/gothic metal, melodic death metal and even progressive metal parts, combined in a beautiful album.
The title track is what I think defines this album, a sum of all parts that is False Reality right now. I hope this is the way to follow from now on for this band. This song is just perfect with many progressive metal parts, many melodic death metal parts and with a beautiful atmosphere. If you ask me, this is the future for this band.
This is true metal, true music for true people with true feelings. Good work guys!

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