GOTHIC – Demons


Country: Romania

Year: 2016

Style: Gothic Metal

Label: Loud Rage Music

Rating: 9 / 10

This is a Romanian band formed in 1993. I know them from the national tv station in those times. I like them then and I like them now. It’s simple. This kind of band is built for lifetime love and respect. I saw the progression of this band in time, and I want to say this is the best work so far. Is mature, is full of good ideas and is the way to walk from now one.

Sure, it’s gothic, sure it’s melodic death metal, sure is dark, sure is groovy, sure is metal, but sure is GOTHIC. They seem to found the right sound for them. The right way to write their’s own music and to stand on two feet. If you listen to this album you’ll find some Paradise Lost influences, some Crematory atmosphere, you may throw some heavy metal riffs here and some Pantera riffs there, even some progressive metal passages and this is the right recipe for a very good and strong album, and I think that is the recipe for a very good live show also. My favorite track is A New End, maybe because is played in Romanian language. I love this track!

This is a mature band, with a mature sound, ready to conquer the metal scene. 

If you like gothic metal music with a great deal of groove and melody,  then you are in the right place. This is GOTHIC band and they are here to stay. I hope!