Country: Greece

Year: 2016

Style: Progressive Metal

Label: Self-released

Rating: 10 / 10

The Damnation Project is a progressive metal from Greece. Honestly, is my first date with this band. Blind date! I don’t like very much blind dates. Blind dates mean surprises. Good or bad. Very good or true nightmares. In this case is a beautiful date. I am lucky enough to date the prom queen in this case. The prog queen if you ask me.

Let’s see what that prom queen have so special.

First of all, is not a Dream Theatre clone. For me, it’s a promising start. This band is original enough to make me dive inside.

I’m in the warm waters now. Full of feelings. Sad feelings are around me. I try to swim but is very hard in this ocean of sorrow. I try to stay above it all, but sorrow pulls me under. I let myself go in this beautiful warm feeling.

When I drown myself I see a very bright light. It’s part two of this beautiful album. I forgot to tell you, this album is concept album split into two parts.

The first part is mellow and soft, and the second one is more angry and unpredictable and the bridge between this two parts is the song “Reflections Part 1”. Beautiful song.

In part 1 you hear some Riverside and Anathema influences, and in part two you hear again Riverside influences alongside Tool and Rush ones, but this album is much more. So much more. Is progressive metal. Brave, bold and beautiful progressive metal music. I like this album as a whole. I like the experience of listening to this album.

It does not make any sense to talk about band members musicianship because we talk about a progressive metal band and the expectations are high. In this case, everything is in place.

The artwork is on the same level with the music and helps to create a beautiful music album.

You must grab this album with your two hands, and never let go.

This is progressive metal!