AlphaState – Out Of The Black


Country: Greece

Year: 2015

Style: Heavy Metal

Label: Self-released

Rating: 9 / 10

I know what I like. Straight whiskey and hold the ice, please. This applies perfectly to this band. Straight heavy metal and hold the modern shit. Drink this until you throw up, but you will see the next morning you are good to go. No headaches, no nothing. Just good old time heavy metal. That is this album for me. Just good old time. Just heavy metal. Fresh heavy metal. Cool band, cool music, cool feeling and… in a few words, just fucking cool music.

This guys came from Greece and I think they don’t really know how great they are.

I just needed this album to cross my path. Heavy metal. Just heavy metal. I was in a desert and this album is my cold water bucket. Just great!

This album has everything you want from a heavy metal band. Fast and sharp guitars, thunders instead of drums, a very fresh bass line, and a very good heavy metal voice too. This is Alphastate right now. I hope to hear more albums from this band in the future, and maybe I catch them live sometime.

The album artwork is very good and manages to introduce yourself in the music atmosphere.

If you like heavy metal like Iron Maiden, Armored Saint or maybe Judas Priest, just buy this album. Is all I have to say.Cheers!