INEXORABLE: “Sea of Dead Consciousness” CD Edition To Be Released

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present Inexorable‘s third EP “Sea of Dead Consciousness”. Originally released as a limited-edition cassette in 2015, “Sea of Dead Consciousness” was a strikingly unique’n’twisted slice of death metal that Godz Ov War Productions felt deserved a wider release.

Now amended with an additional track, “Sea of Dead Consciousness” plays more like an album now, fully displaying the dark’n’dizzying powers of this German duo. With apparent ease and a wholesale lack of self-consciousness, Inexorable walk that fine line between technical death metal and dissonant death metal, utilizing strange (and slimy) chord combinations atop arrhythmically shifting tempos. Tension increases as Inexorable stretch songs to their breaking point, never allowing the listener comfort and yet never forgetting the importance of texture and atmosphere. It’s a type of sonic sorcery that challenges sonic perceptions – adventurous, yet never irreverent – with a view toward creating different, vaster worlds. To underline Inexorable‘s singularity, here the duo also cover Mayhem, Immolation, and Mysticum – in their own distinct way, of course. Enter this if you dare!!!

5.De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (Mayhem cover)
6.I Fell Nothing (Immolation cover)
7.Black Magic Mushrooms (Mysticum cover)

Recorded at Time and Dust Studios Nov. / Dec. 2014. Mixed by J. Weidauer. Mastered by J. Laua

Listen via Bandcamp:

“Sea of Dead Consciousness” will be released in February 2017 as standard CD and as a limited CD (100 copies with a custom slipcase and patch).


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