UNBORN SUFFER – “Rapid fire” interview

Hi, and welcome to Metal Maniack! Please tell us about your band and members history.

DREADROCK: Hello and thank youfor this interview. Our band was formed in november 2001 in Bydgoszcz (north-center of Poland) by three people: VojciszDąbrowski (bass),  Leszek Satro (drums)and Damian „Sfenson“ Bednarski (guitar, vocals). OnlySfenson is still playing in our band. Other guys left it very early. There was also numerous other line-up changes. First album entitled ‘Procreated Suffering’ was published in April 2004.

In January 2006 we started recording our second LP. The album was called “Is This What We’ve Created?”.After the recording of the second LP the band started searching for a record label that would be interested in putting it out. Finally we signed a deal with russian death/grind label SOULFLESH COLLECTOR. The album “Is This What We’ve Created?” has been released at 25th of October 2006.

In May 2007 the band went once again to DREAM FACTORY studio to record it’s third LP entitled “Desecrate/Retaliate/Obliterate”. After that the band went on a 5 month hiatus. In November 2007 Sfenson decided to keep the band going and started looking for new musicians. The band after that went through a few other line-up changes and recorded EP „I Am Your Nemesis”.

In 2012 Unborn Suffer released new full length album called simply „Unborn Suffer” in newsquad with: Maciej „Mithras” Sybilski (vocals), Sfenson (vocals, guitar), Piotr „DreadRock” Wiśniewski (bass) and Łukasz „Telewizor” Ziółkowski (drums). LP was released by label Ghastly Music from Japan. After that Mithras was forced to left the band, so DreadRock decided to take the vocals along with Sfenson.

Unborn Suffer is playing as trio untill today. In last years we have released a live album „Live Suffering” (recorded in 2013 in Warsaw) and compilation „Revisited Suffering” released by polish label Infernum Medium.

Our last and most important record is fifth full album called „Nihilist” from february 2016. This LP was released by major polish grind/death label – Selfmadegod Records.

What do you think is your band main influences? How and at what age you got into metal?

DREADROCK: We went into metal in our early years, starting with bands like Sepultura, Pantera, Iron Maiden and polish icons like Vader and Acid Drinkers. Some of those are still one of our inspirations, but we also have many other different influences. Our drummer is a big black metal fan inspired by bands like Vesania, Behemoth. Many of our sondgs and riffs on last album was also inspired by grind and death metal bands, like Napalm Death, Assuck, Dying Fetus and many others. We like to listen a very varied music. For example DreadRock is a fan of electronic music from acts like Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim, Sfenson loves to listen bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Guns N’ Roses.

How about your band style. How you describe it for those who never listened to your band music?

DREADROCK: It’s definitely a brutal and fast music but with a dose of groove. We play a mix of grindcore and death metal. In our music you will find a fast drums beats, crazy blasts, heavy downtuned guitars and furious vocals like pig squeals, growls and painful screams. If you like bands like Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Gorgasm, Parricide or Brujeria – you will find something for yourself in Unborn Suffer.

Explain your band name and how you get it and tell us a little bit about your songs lyrics and messages.

DREADROCK: Band’s name was taked from Napalm Death song „Twist the Knife (Slowly)” from album „Fear, Emptiness, Despair” [1994].

Our lyrics are about thigs important to us, like personal struggles, hard experiences, addictions, depression but also about social problems – people’s stupidity, mob ruled by religion, politics, world dominated by big corporations and consumerism. We take our lyrics very seriously and spend a lot of time writing them. We hope that some of our listeners will appreciate it.

Tell us about your band live shows. Do you play often? How are your shows?

DREADROCK: We’re trying to play so many show, as it’s possible. Unfortunately it’s quite difficult to find good places for gigs in Poland. Usually we’re playing one or few concert per one month. Our music genre is not popular in our country. Sometimes we’re forced to play shows in small clubs for several people, but that’s a part of our underground culture. However, we love to play live shows. It gives us a lot of fun and energy.

Usually we play 20-22 songs, which is 30-40 minutes of live music. Biggest part of our live set are songs from our last album – “Nihilist”, but we’re also play best and our favorites songs from previous records.

What you can tell us about your country extreme metal scene in general, and black metal scene in particular?

DREADROCK: Extreme music scene in Poland is one of the most interesting scenes of that type in whole world. You can find here very many bands from with different style and great technical skills, sound and very powerful live performances. Unfortunately one small part of them are well known in the rest of the world.

We’re not specialists from black metal genre, so we cannot tell you a lot about this scene. We know some of those band and sometimes played with them shows together, but we like to listen a different sound. However polish black metal scene is very strong and well known in Europe and rest of the world. Mostly because of bands like Behemoth, Christ Agony, Vesania and also new bands like Mgła, Morowe and Furia.

Describe your band releases so far. What reactions had media and audience about your music until now?

DREADROCK: Reactions were quite good. We’re happy about every review and interview (also about this). That makes satisfaction – interest in our music from other people. Our last record – “Nihilist” had many good reactions from listerers and medias. Both the polish and abroad. Many reviews gave our album 8-9/10.

Please describe your band in few words for future fans or record labels that are interested in signing with your band.

DREADROCK: We are a group of people, who do what they love. Music is our passion and big part of our lifes. We want to share this with other people. If you like some brutal shit or just want to check that kind of music – you’re invited. Check our videos and music, there available for free stream and for sale on fair price.

How can your fans or record labels contact your band?

DREADROCK: With e-mail: unbornsuffer@wp.pl. You can also send us a message on FB: www.facebok.com/unbornsuffer.

Thank you for this “rapid fire” interview! If you have something to add now is the time. Stay Metal!!!

DREADROCK: Please check out our page on Facebook and gives us some likes. You can find here many news about our band and a lot of our music to listen and videos. Thank you very much!

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