KING PARROT – Interview

Hi, and welcome to the Metal Maniack webzine. How are you doing today?


I know this is a boring question, but I have to ask for the people that haven’t heard about your band. Please tell us about your band history.

The band started jamming in Melbourne Australia in 2010. The boys wanted a way they could carry on like dickheads and travel around the world, and King Parrot was born! An EP,  2 albums and several Australian, USA and European tours later, we’re balls deep into this fantastic Battle Of The Bays tour!

How do you find your band name and what does it mean?

King Parrot is a native Australian bird. A parrot is also Aussie slang for someone who talks too much and who talks a lot of shit. So a King Parrot is a real dicksnap!

How do you describe your music for someone who never heard a single note from King Parrot?

Like AC/DC fucked Napalm Death and had a ginger baby who grew up pissed off because he was ginger.

Can you describe in a few words each King Parrot album? Which is best in your opinion and why?

Bite Your Head Off is a nasty gritty ball of energetic little doozies and it really put the band on the map! Dead Set is a bit darker yet still quite a pissed off release. Dead set was nominated for an ARIA award (Australian music award similar to The Grammys) in 2015. Um, I should say that I like Dead Set best because I played drums on that one, but I love Bite Your Head off as well.. So I’m gonna say that our next album is my favourite! But you guys will have to wait for that one! 😉

I watch your videos, which are very good. Who is coming up with the video ideas?

Our friend Dan Farmer of Farmwalker Productions plays a huge role in the creative concepts and the filming of all our videos, as does the band members and a few of our close creative type mates! So it’s a collective effort.

How do you feel to be friends with Phil Anselmo and how do you think this friendship helped your band? How you meet him?

Feels great man! He’s a top bloke! I think just the fact that he is such a big part of heavy metal for the past 25 + years and has so many fans really helped us reach a broader audience. He actually got in touch via our bands email and Youngy thought it was someone else. But it was Phil and soon after he was in Australia with Down and invited King Parrot to play Bury Me In Smoke with them. The rest is history!

Did you like touring with Down? Tell me a little bit about touring with Down and Phil Anselmo.

Touring with Down was fantastic! It’s probably the biggest US tour King Parrot has done in terms of venue sizes and production. We also toured with Superjoint and that was great as well. Phil is great to tour with. He loves his metal and he’s always cracking jokes and just having a good time! The vibe is always good when on tour with Phil. And the other guys in both Down and Superjoint are all great guys and good friends of ours! The Housecore/Down/Superjoint crew are like family to us!

Many people say that King Parrot is a very good live band. What do you have to say about that and how do you see your band live shows?

We like to get into it, lots of energy and movement and our frontman is just a little bit crazy so you gotta watch him!! The only thing I see at our live shows is the room going in circles whilst I whip my hair back and forth.

How do you guys like touring? Where is better? In America, Europe or in another place?

We all love touring. Playing gigs everyday in a new city or country is just tits!! I reckon Europe does it best, the venues, catering, staff, all very professional and friendly!

On 15 November you will have a show in my city Bucharest. You are for the first time in Romania if I’m not mistaken. What are your expectations about  the show, the audience, the country?

We are all looking forward to playing in Romania! Not only have we never played in your fine country, but we’ve never even been there! It’s always great being able to go to a new country and perform! I hear Romanians are pretty into their heavy metal and that they go crazy.. Did I hear correctly? We’ll see on the 15th..

How is this tour going so far? Do you have a good time? What do you think was the best show on this tour so far?

This tour has been nothing but top notch so far! Great shows, great bands, great crew! Several shows hae sold out!

What band do you like the most on this tour? How about all tours that you did so far, what is the best band that you played with?

Well I love Obituary. I toured with them years ago with a previous band and that was a fantastic tour as well. So 2 from 2 tours with Obituary have been killer!

Where do you see King Parrot in 10 years from now?

Playing gigs at our local lawn bowls club.

Thank you for this interview and if you have something to add, now is the time. See you in Bucharest and STAY METAL!!!

Thank you!!

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