N.K.V.D – Totalitarian Industrial Oppression



Country: France

Year: 2016

Style: Industrial Black Metal

Label: Krucyator

Rating: 9 / 10

N.K.V.D is a one man industrial black metal project from France. You may know the main Loic.F from another very good band: Autokrator. If you don’t know either, you must repair this at once. This band history starts somewhere in 2005 I think. So is not a new band.

The band discography contains one EP and two full-length albums. “Totalitarian Industrial Oppression” is, in fact, a compilation album made from the debut EP “Diktatura” from 2007 and the debut album “Vlast” from 2011.

Now we must speak a little bit about the music from this album. It’s a very dark and cold industrial black metal, and it’s about dictatorship, totalitarianism and oppression like the title say.

The music is like a cold and gloomy soundtrack for the George Orwell’s book “1984”. Even if this material is a compilation formed of one EP and one album, for me sounds like a monolith album. Full of evil and dark marches. The voice is evil, cold and dark too and it takes you in a utopian world, the totalitarian world. It’s a beautiful concept and goes well with this band perfect image.

If you want to listen to something good and new, you must buy this CD.

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