FALSE CODA – Secrets & Sins



Country: Greece

Year: 2016

Style: Progressive Metal

Label: Freia Music

Rating: 9 / 10

“Secrets & Sins” is the second release for these Greek progressive metallers. I must confess that I heard about this band for the first time and I don’t know these guys debut album.

This album starts with the song “Throne of Blood” and for a short moment, I thought that I would listen to an Amorphis-like album. But after about 30 seconds the veil is off and I begin to see the true magic of this band. In this first song you get fast riffs, beautiful keys, beautiful, and inspired guitar solos, some slow moments and at the end the Amorphis part is back just to close this superb and complex song.

The rest of the album is flowing in the same direction with walls of cool and fast riffs which cools down for a moment only to start again faster and brighter in combination with very inspired keyboards riffs and solos. In the same note, you will find the beautiful power metal oriented voice too.

I enjoyed all the songs in the same way, but two of them are closer to my soul: “Throne of Blood” and “Moment”. Superb pieces in my vision.

This is a complex and refined progressive metal album, made by very good musicians.

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