Maldoror complete “In Saturne Mystique” tracklist and second advance track



The release of “In Saturne Mystique” reissue by Italian Black Metal cult band MALDOROR is getting nearer and nearer. Rude Awakening Records is taking care of the re-release of the last full length published by the band under this monicker, before changing name to Thee Maldoror Kollective.

The second advance track unveiled on official YouTube and Soundcloud label channels is “Osiris Elettro Mantum (Pt. 1 Tenebra Solaris, Pt. 2 Adoneus Veni Ad Nos)”, fourth track within a tracklist of seven: the last and bonus track will be “H.O.D. (Sounds For The Un-Masses)”, long unavailable on physical format.






Complete tracklist:

  1. Intro: The Ain Soph Elevation (Consuming Trinities)
  2. E.O.N. Mysterium (Pt. 1 Eresia Della Vergine, Pt. 2 Solar Sign Proclaiming)
  3. Transcendence: Psychick Continuum Infera
  4. Osiris Elettro Mantum (Pt. 1 Tenebra Solaris, Pt. 2 Adoneus Veni Ad Nos)
  5. Nera Celebrazione Egoica (I.N.R.I.)
  6. Quinto Arcano (Pt. 1 Apotheosis Of The Inner Star, Pt. 2 La Mort De La Sacralitée)
  7. H.O.D. (Sounds For The Un-Masses)

The third Rude Awakening Records release is coming in January 2017 and will be limited to 300 hand-numbered copies worldwide, with exclusive merch for early buyers crafted by Mexican artist LHP Illustration/Emanacion Siniestra.


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