INIRE – Cauchemar



Country: Canada

Year: 2016

Style: Groove Metal

Label: Self-released

Rating: 8 / 10

Inire is a five pieces Canadian band formed in 2007 and they have 2 full albums released until now. Both materials are self-released, they don’t sign with any record label yet as far as I know.

The music on this album is aggressive groove metal like masters of the genre Pantera did, but with melodic choruses in the vein of Alice In Chains.

The voice is very good and aggressive but on choruses is melodic enough and manages to create some good hooks even sounds like Danzig on “Far From Anything” song. Very good variation.

About the rest of the band, I must tell you that they are very good musicians and they play without mistakes. Guitar solos are good and they fit perfect in the songs structures.What I say, all the instruments fit perfect in the songs structures.

So, this is a strong and aggressive album, very well written and very well played and if you like this kind of metal, then this album is for you. Enjoy!

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