THE ERKONAUTS – I Did Something Bad



Country: Switzerland

Year: 2016

Style: Stoner Rock / Alternative Metal

Label: Kaotoxin Records

Rating: 9 / 10

This four guys from Switzerland give me a big surprise. A nice one. This is the debut album for them and I hope  to hear another material soon. I listened to this album for many times and still I don’t know how to catalog this superb music. If you ask me, the main style is fast stoner rock with a lot of alternative rock and metal influences and many other ones. This cocktail is full of strong and tasty flavors that give you a very good feeling and is full of groove too.

I liked very much the bass parts that are just magnificent. Don’t get me wrong, the whole band musicianship are great, but the bass lines are just from the other world. Just incredible. You must hear this.

Another beautiful thing about this album is that is full of hooks in songs choruses and the song “Hamster’s Ghosthouse” is just sublime and is represent the band perfect. The end of this song is a long and magic guitar solo, like only in the Pink Floyd songs do you hear.

To conclude this I must tell you that these guys already went on the first world tour (including USA, Europe, Japan, China and Taiwan) so the future seems bright for them. So get the CD!!!

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