NIL MISERANS – Nil Miserans



Country: Belgium

Year: 2016

Style: Black/Death Metal

Label: Self-released

Rating: 9 / 10

This is a five piece black / death metal band from Belgium and this material is the debut for them. A debut with a concept album? Yes, this takes balls in my opinion! The story it’s about two half-brothers who are in love with the same women. The story takes place in ancient Greek times and takes you to the underworld to meet Hades in person.

The music on this debut album is a mix between black and death metal spiced up with beautiful atmospheric and symphonic parts. In some parts, it reminds me of Ex-Deo, but without the clone feeling. With the help of the music, you will be in the middle of the story from beginning to the very end. You’ll live love, betrayal, sorrow and pain in the very depth of the underworld.

The mix of the album is very good, well balanced, with everything in the right place.

For a debut album, I must tell you is a very strong album, even the band formed just with two years before. I am happy when I discover very good bands like this one. In just 30 minutes this band tells you a beautiful story with a beautiful music. This is a very strong album and this band it has a promising future.

In the end, I want to tell you that the artwork is just beautiful like the rest of the material. It’s a perfect match.

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