CENTINEX – Doomsday Rituals



Country: Sweden

Year: 2016

Style: Death Metal

Label: Agonia Records

Rating: 9 / 10

CENTINEX are back! I hope they are back for good this time because the death metal scene needs them now more than ever.

I listen to this band from the early incarnation back in the ‘90’s.

So this is a new album! And what album is! This is classic death metal like in the 90’s. The sound is from those times, the music is from those times too. Classic!

This is a nuclear war in death metal music. Fast-tempo parts are combined with slow and mid-tempo ones in a beautiful war landscape. This is HELL!!!

This album is American death metal oriented, like early days in Florida. But Swedish death metal is still here. Not as much, but is still here. This is a short ( 33 minutes ) but ferocious album that will stick with you even in your sleep and give you many nightmares from this day.

This album demonstrates that the comeback may be a happy end story in some cases. And this is one of the happy cases. The old fans are in for a treat. The new fans, the same. If you like old school death metal you are in the right place. Everything is in place for a beautiful ride into your worst nightmare.

Prepare yourself to beg for your life because you will be in that position. You’ll beg, you’ll cry and in the end, you’ll gonna wake up in cold sweat.

So let’s dive deep into this beautiful nightmare!

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