SERPENT SPELLS – Mantras Within Ascending Fire



Country: Bangladesh

Year: 2016

Style: Blackened Death Metal

Label: Godz Ov War Productions

Rating: 9 / 10

This is a debut MCD from a three piece Blackened Death Metal band from Bangladesh. Yes from Bangladesh I say. In just three songs plus a beautiful evil intro, this guys made it to my veins. Straight into my veins. I’m poisoned from now on.

The intro has two parts. One with a beautiful choir of priests and a fire burning ( you can guess what is burning), and the part two with a clean guitar and some voodoo percussions. This is an incantation I think!

And then the hell is here!!! A beautiful old school death metal riffs for you, only to slide into an old school black metal for a brief moment. Then thrash metal is at your side. Then black metal again. Hell is here, and you can’t do anything. You are doomed!

Pity that here is only three songs, because the time just flies when you listen to this band.

Everything is in place for a beautiful, but a short audition. Beautiful artwork too, so find them and buy them!

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