Country: United States of America

Year: 2016

Style: Black/Death Metal

Label: Godz Ov War Productions

Rating: 9,5 / 10

This is a two piece U.S. Black/Death Metal band. They released this demo in 2015 only as tape demo, and in 2016 Godz ov War Productions had released this demo on CD. You may ask why? Because it deserves to be on CD. Hell even on vinyl if you ask me. I know, is just a demo, is short, but is gooood! It’s heavy, is dark, is well produced, is hell on earth.

The black metal parts are combined very well with death metal parts. Old school I may say. This is fast, evil, insane even chaotic music. Chaotic in a very good way. Chaotic as black/death metal must be. Old school black/death metal if may add.

If you like black/death metal you are in for a treat. If this is just a demo album, I WANT to listen to an full album from this band.

Good move from Godz ov War Productions. This demo is too good to be released only on cassette because now they have a larger public to sing to. I have the CD, but I want a tape or even an LP with this demo ( I’m a vinyl guy myself 🙂 ). Is good for your soul!

So listen to this demo, and then I’m sure you’ll buy it! In any form. Just buy it!

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