NIPPERCREEP – Tripede Majeur



Country: France

Year: 2016

Style: Alternative Metal

Label: Renverse Prods

Rating: 8,5 / 10

NIPPERCREEP is an alternative metal band from France. They were born as a band in 2002 and have until now four albums, the last one released in 2016 and the subject of this review.
The album starts with a two minutes intro, “Mattei, Mon Amour”, and then dives directly into song number two, a song with an alert rhythm who slows down on chorus only to get faster again. Is a good song which reminds me on some parts with Nirvana music.
The next song starts with a slow rhythm like you hear in many Alice In Chains songs combined with some short and fast parts. Very nice. I like this combination.
The voice is very good and is a perfect match for this kind of music. The rest of the instruments fits perfect in this puzzle and the mixing too.
This album has many American grunge and alternative influences. I haven’t heard this kind of music for a long time and I must say I like it very much. I like clean guitars parts as well, which give a psychedelic feel to the album. The album is diverse enough so you will not be bored. Too bad that I don’t understand the French language.
So if you are into this kind of music you may want to hear this French guys music. I enjoy it!

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