ETERITUS – Following The Ancient Path



Country: Poland

Year: 2016

Style: Death Metal

Label: Godz Ov War Productions

Rating: 9 / 10

ETERITUS are an old school death metal from Poland. This is their first album, before that they recorded only one EP “Tales of Death” in 2014.

Even from the first CD spin, I was in love with this band sound. It’s really old school death metal but is old school Swedish death metal like in the old days. If you like Dismember, old Entombed, Grave and so on, you will love this polish guys.

This album starts with a short but strong intro, only to evolve in the first song. An then the hell brakes loose. Fast riffs, fast drums and a voice from the grave. But isn’t all about speed because the fast parts are beautifully combined with mid-tempo parts full of dark groove and melodic guitars.

I feel young again with this music. It’s ‘94 again, this is the glory days of death metal. My blood boils in my veins. I’m glad that some bands take the old path or like this band great says is “Following The Ancient Path”.

The whole album is tight and strong from top to bottom. If you like this kind of music you’ll enjoy this album. I know I do. No weak songs, no weak moments, just death metal like is supposed to be.

The production and mix are top ones too, so you don’t have any reasons to don’t like this album.

It’s a beautiful surprise for me, and I don’t see the reason that not will be a surprise for you too. And before I forget I want to say that this album has a very beautiful artwork so enjoy this one and buy it!

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