ETERITUS – “Rapid fire” interview


Hi, and welcome to Metal Maniack! Please tell us about your band and members history.

Eteritus, the death metal band from Poland, Toruń was founded in February 2013, when Zima(guitars) and Nitro (drums) met. Soon first rehearsals took place. In March 2013 Liam Tailor joined on vocals, and the band started created new material. In December 2013 “Tales of Death”, a mini-cd consisting of four tracks was mixed. In February 2014 the recording was released on CD by “W.M. Psycho” records. In the same time bass player Greg joined our band. On 26 June 2016 we released our debut album called “Following the Ancient Path” Our label is Godz ov War Productions.

eteritus_band12What do you think is your band main influences? How and at what age you got into metal?

Each of us listen to some other music. However, we all listen a little old school death metal from Sweden, UK, Germany, Netherlands, USA and of course Poland. We are also listen black metal, grindcore, thrash and even heavy/power metal. Each of us went to metal music as a young man. How? – it’s a very long story

How about your band style. How you describe it for those who never listened to your band music?

This is fucking simple – we play old school death metal. Nothing more, nothing less.

Explain your band name and how you get it and tell us a little bit about your songs lyrics and messages.

Praeteritus is Perfect passive participle of praetereō – Latin language. This is something that already goes to the past. Eteritus is just vario of this Latin word.

We write about important issues in the life of every human being. We tell about the life and death, about monsters – the real and the imaginary. Some texts are related to the literature of horror.

Tell us about your band live shows. Do you play often? How are your shows?

We try to play only good concerts, with good bands. This year we have played already 4 gigs with bands like Dead Infection and The Dead Goats. At the concerts we try to do our best to satisfy fans. There is some headbanging, we plays some old school covers. However, we do not use any pyrotechnics or fire.

What you can tell us about your country extreme metal scene in general, and death metal scene in particular?

Metal scene in Poland is very strong and still growing strong . Near our town Toruń there are some good bands plays death, black metal or grind core. A lot of bands from Poland has contract with international labels and plays o lot of gigs in hole world. Poland has a really strong representations in metal music.

Describe your band releases so far. What reactions had media and audience about your music until now?eteritus_cover-print

So far our records has only positive reviews, for example from the Netherlands, Hungary, Argentina, Thailand and of course from Poland. Our demo „Tales of Death” was accepted very well. But our debut album „Following the Ancient Path” was received fantastically. Fans want to buy our full-lenght album and see us at the concerts.

Please describe your band in few words for future fans or record labels that are interested in signing with your band.

Are you series? Please…

In the future we plan to consistently develop the band. Right now we are creating music for a second full length CD, which we want to record and release as soon as possible. We hope to play a few crazy gigs. Old school Death Metal is the path that we choose to follow, and soon you’ll se that we will conquer the world… Eteritus!

How can your fans or record labels contact your band?

Via Fecebook or via

Thank you for this “rapid fire” interview! If you have something to add now is the time. Stay Metal!!!

Support Eteritus, support death metal. Cheers!

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