Country: Czech Republic

Year: 2016

Style: Melodic Death Metal / Melodic Black Metal

Label: Metalgate

Rating: 8,5 / 10   8,5 / 10

This is a 2-way split EP between two bands from the Czech Republic. The first one is AWRIZIS a melodic death metal band, and the second is DESIRE FOR SORROW a melodic/symphonic black metal band.

The AWRIZIS part has 4 songs and is called “Damnation”. These 4 songs are fast, melodic and well structured with ARCH ENEMY flavors. From the first moment you are connected to a very fast machine which holds you hostage right until the end. These 4 songs are full of groove and melody, flavored with beautiful short guitar solos. This is a strong band both as well written songs and band members musicianship.

The production of this songs is very strong and clear with nothing to bother your audition. So PLAY IT LOUD!

The DESIRE FOR SORROW part has 3 songs and is called “The Rotten Brood”. When I played this band songs I had a very big surprise because I expected to hear a deathcore band and this because this band name and logo. But fortunately is not the case. What I heard is a beautiful melodic/symphonic black metal in the vein of first era CRADLE OF FILTH. The guitar sound is from there. Everything is in place to form a strong and somehow melancholic music. The atmosphere is dark and full of venom and fast parts are combined beautifully with melodic ones.

So, this is a strong EP from two strong bands.

I definitely will watch these two bands in the future!


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