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Hi, and welcome to Metal Maniack! Please tell us about your band and members history.

Thank you for the interview with Metal Maniack! Total cursed warrior support an honor to share this interview, hard and dark energy.

I am Santiago Cervantes – Aztaroth, driving force behind DEVASTED since its inception in October 2003, from Quito Ecuador, where it is consolidated at the scene of Metal Underground in the foto 3_pubWorld, with great start practicing a Black Thrash Metal and now combined with technical death Metal, leaving aside their ideological conviction, delivered, the occult, Satanism, destruction, death, life, and nature.


DEVASTED has been delivered professionally, in big compositions have been performed over the years, to achieve the early stages to be considered in several international tours. Such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Peru. Along with great bands at national and international level. Getting DEVASTED is one of the most powerful groups of Ecuador, reaching a brutal and great support from the extreme movement in the country as well as globally.

The idea of creating our own record label called “PRODUCCINES DCLXVI” to keep our honest and honorable to Black Metal essence was forged.

Presenting the following work:

June 2004 – Demo “Condena Eterna”

July 2008 – EP “Condena Eterna”

August 2010 – EP “Devasted”

October 2010 – Video Clip “Devasted”

January 2013 – Disco long-term “Opositor”

April 2014 – long-playing record “Mas allá del velo de la Oscuridad”

November 2015 – Video Clip “Aeternis Tenebris”

May 2016 – EP “Gritos de Dolor y Devastación”

DEVASTED with a great track record, it has established itself with great musicians that today is today strengthened with Santiago Cervantes (Guitar) Nicolas Breilh (Drums & Percussion) Marcelo Gómez (Guitar) and Raul Galeas (bass and vocals).

foto 4_pubWhat do you think is your band main influences? How and at what age you got into metal?

Start in the world of Extreme Metal from the 10 years and my main influence is the personification of the Black Death, Doom, Thrash Metal 80s and 90s among which feature: Bathory, Venom, Sodom, Master, Hellhammer, Hypocrisy, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Inquisition, Sarcophagus, reincarnation, Mayhem, Master`s Hammer, Morbid Angel, among other brutal bands. True to the old school dirty and dark.

How about your band style. How you describe it for those who never listened to your band music?

The musical composition of the band was resplendent with a plus of dark guitars, a totally brutal and heartbreaking voice. Giving a fierce attack on the execution of the battery, accompanied with the power of bass. Thus shaping what we consider a Black Metal totally rough and gloomy.

Explain your band name and how you get it and tell us a little bit about your songs lyrics and messages.

The meaning of the band name came from the name: Detsaved, in which we invest for a more brutal and obscure argument. Hailed today DEVASTED. So declare through their messages and songs, the rawness, reality and wickedness that reveal so natural, agonized state of perpetual hatred and pain. And their counterparts of pleasure and well-being experienced by human beings, expressed through emotions, combined with the destruction, the natural chaos of man toward Earth and Earth to man, governed with great Darkness through all time. Dogmas Satanists.

Tell us about your band live shows. Do you play often? How are your shows?

The presentation of the band in concert, is not fashion, is sober dark convey our message. And the followers of the band are the fundamental part of our concerts because they encourage the Mas alla del velo de la Oscuridad_pubatmosphere that we transmit more infernal.

Preserving the true essence of a sound Necro dirty and blasphemer. Which characterizes the Black Metal

What you can tell us about your country extreme metal scene in general, and black metal scene in particular?

There are things which should be improved on the scene in Ecuador, organizational issues, serious producers, etc …… emphasize the positive in the scene in Ecuador, DEVASTED you enjoyed the biggest tour that has been done in Ecuador in 2014, with the release of second album “beyond the veil of Darkness”. We present in 14 cities, knowing that in these cities the vast majority of people who like extreme metal, and are more inclined to Black Metal. In Ecuador, there are great bands, concerts and there is good underground scene Ecuador is unique, true and authentic.

Black Metal is the most rotten and end within the Metal genre.

They are the revelations in a disruptive end, is the way to see what is not seen … that is what has not ever said where major themes are combined, occultism, past, magna literary works, ancient cultures, misanthropy, satanic dogmas, elevated to high levels of dark and bizarre knowledge. Keeping the true essence of Black Art. It is the nature that changed my life and live that way. Black Metal is not for anyone, feel free to spit fire and death.

Describe your band releases so far. What reactions had media and audience about your music until now?

foto 2_pubDEVASTED has established itself as one of the most powerful and renowned throughout the South American and world metal bands. Through the great work that has been performed for 13 years, positive reactions in the media, magazines, specialized etc … programs and wide acceptance of our fans were created, reaching sell in less than a year all discs with a version deluxe limited to 336 copies, the second album “Mas alla del velo de la Oscuridad” having the honor to expand worldwide, through our label “PRODUCCIONES DCLXVI”. Since there are no current copies, which will reissue the album again in another version as we are festivals of great importance and a new tour of Colombia and Brazil. Called “Aeternis Interitum Caos”

Please describe your band in few words for future fans or record labels that are interested in signing with your band.

By the end of this year we plan to launch our third album in Split format, with the band of Czech Republic BLOODY LAIR, at the moment we do not have a label that wants to move production, but we are keeping with our label, and if there is another label interested to perform the production, we will gladly.

How can your fans or record labels contact your band?

They can be contacted directly via email phones and social networks:,, Tel: 00593-0987.912.099 / 0992.748.526 – Quito – Ecuador

Thank you for this “rapid fire” interview! Stay Metal!!!

Thanks for the interview and black energy, a brutal greetings to all warriors and Romania maniacs. Hailsssssssssss Warriors of Darkness.

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