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Hi, and welcome to Metal Maniack! Please tell us about your band and members history.

Infernal Hails to all metal maniacs.My name is LORD OBST I established the band at the end of year 2005 and Im only one member which survived till today..We wanted play the fast raw black metal and support the Czech black metal scene.During the 11 years the band changed a many members.Actual assault company BLOODY LAIR 2016 is formed by LORD OBST-guitar,HERETIC Vox,SKULL-drums,LUCA-Bass.Also we released three CDs

12304258_917180721702047_350386866991058589_o_pubOur discography:

CD The rise of the evil 2009 , CD Total Mayhem 2010, MC+CD Behind The gates of terror 2015
And Live 2008.

What do you think is your band main influences? How and at what age you got into metal?

Our band was mainly influenced by great czech black metal bands as AGMEN,DARK STORM and MANIAC BUTCHER.I gone into metal when I was 16 year old .I listened czech metal kults as KRABATHOR,SAX,DARK etc.After that world great bands as SODOM,SLAYER,MARDUK,IMMORTAL etc.Than I decided to learn play the guitar and estabilished my own hellish band.

How about your band style. How you describe it for those who never listened to your band music?

Our music style is between the old school black/death music with thrash metal riffs.Somewhere are melodic lines and the melodic guitar solos.The lyrics are in the czech language.Now we prepare start singing with the english lyrics which will be participated on ou next album WARHATE.

Explain your band name and how you get it and tell us a little bit about your songs lyrics and messages.

The bands name BLOODY LAIR gave our first battery drummer Lord Ghrom.Our songs are about the blasphemy,christianity crimes and all religious shits.Also about the human waste and total liquidation and devastation solutions, .next topic is a second world war

Tell us about your band live shows. Do you play often? How are your shows?12122945_898452476908205_1226723588912839657_n_pub

Everything is depend that we have completed band for the live concerts or not..In the year 2016 we had a three gigs.After the three years we found new drummer Skull/exKRABATHOR..We haven‘t the live gigs for two years.And because is still interest about our live gig we started playing with one guitar,voice and drummer.
Practicaly during the all existence of the band we still have problems with the staff.It is big fluctuation of them due to variously reasons.For example now we found our new bass guitar Lucas from the Italy.And we can start playing live gigs with 4 members.

What you can tell us about your country extreme metal scene in general, and black metal scene in particular?

Czech metal scene is too big.Here is a lot of bands with the world high quality.A lot of mainstream comercial bands .The black metal is quite very undergournd scene..The main band was the MANIAC BUTCHER.Their next bands DARK STORM,AGMEN.Unfortunatelly they are dont playing now.Now is the domination band INFERNO,CULT OF FIRE,SEKHMET.They are very reputabled bands with many live gigs arround the world.

Describe your band releases so far. What reactions had media and audience about your music until now?

If you mean first album The rise of the evil 2009 –self released,we completly sold out them.It was during our great times and the our fans buyed this Cd a lot.The Cd earned money for our next recording

Second album TOTAL MAYHEM 2010 was released in Portuguese in WAR production.500pcs I guess.It was very good album.Unfortunatelly in this time we havent the live gigs,so there was no place for the support of this album.However sold out….

After 5 years we released our newest album BEHIND THE GATES OF TERROR 2015.It is very good album.From 500 pcs of Cd and 50pcs of MC are almost half delivered to South America and remaining world.This album bring us glory and a many peoaple knows band BLOODY

Now is out our split with bands BLOODY LAIR,PERGAMO,VULTO ABISSAL released by the HOLOCAUST VINYL RECORDS.

So we have a bigger succsess out of border .I WANT TO THANX TO ALL MANIACS FROM THE SOUTH AMERICA.

Bji1xoRF56Ih1dRXRLoT6QiOv-Sp_gcsk_YfFVX70J4Gfe_VjcxwdGf66TzzBnVIThIBVDg_pubPlease describe your band in few words for future fans or record labels that are interested in signing with your band.


How can your fans or record labels contact your band?

Via mail lord.obst() or by facebook BLOODY LAIR page

Thank you for this “rapid fire” interview! Stay Metal!!!
Your welcome and thanx for the support!!!!!

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