WALLACHIA – Carpathia Symphonia



Country: Norway

Year: 2015

Style: Symphonic Black Metal

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Rating: 9,5 / 10

Wallachia is a symphonic black metal band from Norway. And let me tell you this: is very underrated band too. The history of this great band starts in early ‘90. With one demo, 3 albums, and one EP under their belt, this band succeeds to become a classic band in my opinion.

This material, “Carpathia Symphonia”, that I hold in my hands is in fact a beautiful double CD box.

The first CD is actually “Carpathia Symphonia” EP with first 3 songs, and songs from 4 to 11 is the very first album “From Behind The Light” issued in 1999.

The second CD is the second album “Ceremony Of Ascension issued in 2009.

For the EP the band prepared one fresh new song “Mother Tongue Of Heresy” and 2 old songs, from the first album, “Arges-Raul Doamnei” and “Fullmoon Above Fagaras”, re-recorded.

The new song is a very great opener for this material. Is what Wallachia is in fact, mysterious, symphonic, full of sorrow and grief, atmospheric but also full of venom and hate. This song takes you in a mysterious and full of feelings word. And the band music makes you remain there until the end. The next two songs make sure that you stay in this beautiful word. They are old songs in very new clothes. Not better clothes, not worse clothes, just new. New, but with the same great dark colors. “Fullmoon Above Fagaras” it’s reminds me of first era and the beautiful era of Moonspell ( Wolfheart era). Great song!

The next 8 song is “From Behind The Light” album. I want to speak, but at the same time, I don’t want to ruin this music and this feeling that I have. It’s a great opera for tormented souls, but you must hear it to believe it. “Arges – Raul Doamnei” give me a very Elend-sound feeling ( if you remember or know Elend ). Full of sorrow, full of pain and regrets. I love the keyboard sound, the drums, the bass, the guitars, the voices. Everything is at best level. The keywords for this album are greatness and mysterious atmosphere.

The second CD is the second album. I see some changes here. The sound and music are very death metal oriented on this album. It’s far more fast and heavy. The voice is a death metal voice most of the time, but this album is full of melodic guitar solos, and melodic death metal parts too. This parts are completed with keyboards sounds to match. Is a big change from the previous album, but is just as good. The main change is speed on this one. And sound. The death metal sound. Is less mysterious but more progressive. There are some slow and majestic parts on this material too. Wallachia brand. The main change, I think, is speed, and many guitar solos. This is good because this band proves that is technical one. Many tempos change too. Is more progressive, that for sure. And black metal parts are plenty for everyone out there. And one last thing. The sound is perfect.

In the end, I want to tell you about this material artwork. It is gorgeous. The booklet is mysterious like the band itself. Lyrics to all songs, many pictures, and a great feel. It is professional. The artwork is professional, the music is professional, the sound is professional. Everything they do is very professional. And Lars is a very professional man. I was honored to work with him. Thanks!

If you don’t know this band, or if you don’t have any materials with them, please hurry and buy this masterpiece and the other from the next review! This band deserves much, much more!

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