The Shiva Hypothesis – Promo 2015



Country: Netherlands

Year: 2015

Style: Black Metal

Label: Self-Released

Rating: 9 / 10


The Shiva Hypothesis is a black metal band from Netherlands. This material is a promo EP and has 3 songs totalizing 20:36 minutes. Right from the start I realize that: this guys know how to make black metal. It’s dark, it’s full of mystery, and let you hopeless in your bigger dark nightmare. The ingredients they use are a little bit of Marduk, a little bit of Mayhem, a little bit of Immortal and  very much of dark and rotten soul. This is the recipe for a solid black metal EP. I have one big regret! This feast is too short for my appetite, but I hope for a full album soon. I mean, very soon. Is worth for sure.

Besides the fact that is a very good EP, I want to tell you that is a very, very good produced and mixed EP. I enjoy it right to the end. Everything is in place. Well done!

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