SACRED SEAL – Incarnation



Country: France

Year: 2016

Style: Heavy Metal

Label: Self-Released

Rating: 8,5 / 10

“Incarnation” is debut album by band Sacred Seal. It’s a female fronted heavy metal band from France. Right from the start, I noticed the powerful voice of Nicky Daymond. Powerful like hell, which is, for a heavy metal band, the main ingredient. With very good guitar players, a dynamic drummer and a strong bass player, I think we have a winner here. For a new band and debut album, we have a strong starting point. Beautiful things can happen with this band if they keep this road and stay true to their genre.

Like I said before the main ingredient is heavy metal combined with some occult themes, power  and progressive metal. A big plus is, besides voice, guitar solos. Very inspired and flow perfectly with band music.

For the next album, I wish maybe more hooks and courage in songs, together with a professional mix, and we may have a hit album. Almost forgot! I think is a good idea to bring a keyboard player in the band to give another dimension to this music. It’s my opinion.

In conclusion, I think this debut is a very strong start. So,Stay Metal!

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