NEMO – Coma



Country: France

Year: 2015

Style: Eclectic Prog

Label: Quadrifonic    

Rating: 9 / 10

This review was originally published in Prog Maniack webzine on 08.01.2016.

I recently discovered a French prog band. Nemo is the name. The beauty of prog rock genre, with all subgenres, is that you can discover a very good band in every country. It doesn’t matter if is a very big country, or is a very small country. You can expect to find a very good band in every corner of the word. Today is Nemo turn to be on my menu. And what excellent menu I’m offered here.

Nemo isn’t a new band. They formed in ‘99 and released nine albums until now.I don’t know how I missed this band for so many years, but I did. SHAME ON ME! SHAME ON ME! SHAME ON ME!

This album kicks off with “Le coma des mortels” in a very alert way, only to slow down after about one minute to play what will be the main theme of this song. I like the idea to return to this main theme in so many different ways and tempos in one song. In fact, all album is rich in changes of tempos and bright ideas. Give me this rich prog rock menu every day! Three times every day, please. I will be so fat and happy. This is a very complex menu, with old Pink Floyd flavours, neo-prog sounds, Dream Theater spices and even little tastes of Amorphis. In the end, add a little bit of Yes here. Just how I like it. Isn’t that a feast? Trust me, it is! And cream of the cream is the song “Coma”. Is the sum of band’s all knowledge. All in one! Give me the bill please, I’m full!

Strange for me, but I start this webzine with two non-english lyrics bands. Strange indeed. Strange, but not bad. Just beautiful! The language of music should be diverse and without frontiers. Even more in prog rock genre.

Another pleasant surprise is Jean Pierre voice. Sure, I don’t understand the French language, but is a very sensitive voice and is matching perfectly with Nemo’s type of music. I don’t need to understand the lyrics, I feel them.


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