Italian Thrash Relics Vol. I - Front

Country: Italy

Year: 2016

Style: Techno Thrash Metal / Thrash Metal

Label: Rude Awakening Records & DeathStorm Records

Rating: 9 / 10 & 8,5 / 10

I like when a record label decides to release old albums or demos. Rude Awakening Records and DeathStorm Records do just that with “ Italian Thrash Relics – vol.I “ which is, in fact, an split between two bands, totaling 46 minutes of old school techno thrash and thrash, and came as 300 cd’s hand-numbered limited edition. Furious Barking and Desmodus is the name of those bands. “De-Industrialized” by Furious Barking was released in 1991 as a vinyl, and “Human Wreck” by Desmodus (which means “vampire” in old Latin language) was released in 1992 as a demo tape.

Furious Barking starts the thrash attack with a beautiful and atmospheric intro. After that is a total techno thrash mayhem. Very fast and very progressive. The bass guitar hit me right between my eyes right from the very beginning. The drumming is very good too, in fact, is very little to say about this band music because is just great music. I just want to say this: LISTEN VERY LOUD. Another big plus, in my opinion, is the balls to put an instrumental song ( “Ipse Dixit” ) on this material. Great work! The sound and mixing remind me of many other releases from that superb period. If you want a crystal clear sound together with a modern mix, you are in a wrong place. This type of sound I think is the beauty of that piece of music. For my is, because I was a teenager in those times and that was the sound of underground thrash bands back then.

The second band from this cd is Desmodus which is faster, and less progressive than Furious Barking. Is a fine contrast between this two Italian bands. Desmodus music is full with very good guitar solos, fast riffs, and speed drums. Is pure thrash metal. This is how thrash metal bands played in those times, and this is how thrash metal should be played. If you like old school thrash metal with old school sound, this material is for you. If not, sorry, you don’t know what you missing.

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