PLUTONIUM – Born Again Misanthrope



Country: Sweden

Year: 2016

Style: Industrial Black Metal

Label: Self-Released

Rating: 9 / 10

I receive this CD from Swedish band PLUTONIUM. I was complete in the dark with this one. This is one man band, and this release is 4th in this band discography. I don’t know other releases from this band, but this is a good start for me.

This album starts with one pure black metal song, spiced with many experimental parts, combined with raw and dark black metal. This is a good start, I think.

The second song starts like this band had nothing to lose. Speed is the name of the game here. Speed, speed and more speed. After two minutes and a half is time to see the industrial face of this band. Pure HEEL! This song is the best song from this album. Very cool, very progressive!

Next song is an industrial post-apocalyptic march. Very dark and with no hope in sight.

This “no hope” feeling is present also in the next song which alternates speed with some doom riffs and space solos.

This whole album is a combination of raw, speed and dreamy parts. Experimental, industrial and old school black metal. Very good mastering, very good songwriting, very good soul poems, very good everything.

In the end, I like to quote the man himself, MR J: “Sit back and enjoy the trip. Over and out”

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