Akral Necrosis-Marchosias_1


Country: Romania

Year: 2015

Style: Black Metal

Label: Loud Rage Music

Rating: 9 / 10   8,5 / 10

Another good release, provided by Adrian from Loud Rage Music. By now I’m very confident that this material will be a treat for my ears.

So, what we have here… A split between two bands. One from Romania, and other from…. good guess, Romania. With Akral Necrosis I’m very familiar, but with Marchosias I’m not. I wonder from where Adi keep finds this very good bands. I’m no beginner when we talking about Romanian underground, but somehow I don’t know nothing about this band. This is the beauty of what I do, and the reason to do it: to discover new bands and new music.

Back to our release, please. Of course, the genre in discussion is black metal and experimental black metal. So what we have here? Two very good bands, that deserve each other on the same CD.

The first track is “Separator”, and, in my opinion, is the best track on this CD. You may wonder why? Because is raw, vicious and sick. That’s why! Is raw black metal with speed that makes you ears bleed and your soul decay. Because it contains atmospheric guitar solos from another planet. That’s why! Sublime!!!

Give me a glass with cold as hell whisky and track two, please! Yes, more dark atmosphere, more speed, more mid-tempo riffs, more fuzz, more HELL. This is “Purge”. A live song. You may want to see these guys live.

The last song from Akral Necrosis is a Marchosias song in fact because is a cover from “The Sacred Book”, Marchosias song. I like this concept. These two bands show respect to each other by covering each other.

Now is Marchosias turn to sing. Another sound, more experimental, with death metal parts combined with black metal. I like this band too. Is fresh and rotten at the same time. Death metal voice, black metal voice combined in one big throat. Just listen to this songs. Big, complex with bright future. Song number three is a cover from Akral Necrosis – “Slay The Whore”. Great end for this split CD. Another big blow from Loud Rage Music.

The artwork is beautiful as usual. Nothing to complain. Just beautiful! 

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