ORDINUL NEGRU – Sorcery of Darkness

Ordinul Negru - Sorcery of Darkness cover


Country: Romania

Year: 2015

Style: Black Metal

Label: Loud Rage Music

Rating: 9 / 10


“Sorcery of Darkness” is 7th album from Romanian black metal band “Ordinul Negru” wich means “ The Black Order” in English. This band was formed by Fulmineos in 2004, and was until this album, a one man band. If your bells ring when you hear Fulmineos name is because you probably know him from another black metal beast from Transylvania wich is “ Negura Bunget “ . If is so, you sure know that Fulmineos was “ Negura Bunget “ guitarist from 2010 to 2013. If not, you know now for sure.

By adding “ S “ to vocals and “ Andrei Jumuga “ to drums, this band has stepped into a new era of darkness and pain.

This album has only three songs ( about 39 minutes ), but with this only three songs they manage to do a complex and complete masterpiece. If you like your black metal atmospheric and full of mystery, spiced with plenty doom elements ,tears of sorrow and pain, then you are in right place. Look no further. You are home.

This album starts with doom riffs and gloomy atmosphere, but only about three minutes, because after that, black metal beast is unleashed for good upon your soul until the very end. This is BLACK METAL !!! You’ll be forced to cross black metal river to doom river countless times until you are about to drown in your pain, but you will find the power to go on, because of  this beautiful music. You need to hear this music until the end, and then you may need a little rest before you push play again. I’m sure that you will play again this CD.

This album artwork is beautiful and very professional made ( like all other Loud Rage Music releases ). Is a perfect match between this band music, sound and image.

No weak moments, no regrets, just PURE BLACK METAL made with black soul !!!

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