Unfied Past – Shifting The Equilibrium

Unified Past - Shifting the Equilibrium - cover-art by Ed Unitsky


Country: U.S.

Year: 2015

Style: Progressive Metal

Label: Melodic Revolution Records

Rating: 8,5 / 10

UNIFIED PAST is a U.S. progressive metal band formed back in 1999. Prior to that, they activated from early ‘80 under the name LABYRINTH. The album “Shifting The Equilibrium” is the 7th release of this band. UNIFIED PAST is our days YES, or if you like better, is a progressive metal YES. But this band is much more than that. Much more indeed. These guys combine vintage prog rock sound with more actual prog sounds in a very beautiful and somehow intriguing way. The playing style is very modern and accurate. All songs are very good and can compete with any progressive metal classics. In the same note is this album production and mixing. I don’t have anything but good feelings and words about this beautiful release. This band deserves much more in the future. I think with the right management and many live shows, this boys can climb into progressive metal arena. I sure hope so because they deserve this. Better said: We deserve this!

The album artwork is very beautiful and very professional made and will be in my personal CD collection for sure. The main reasons for that: very good quality of music, artwork and musicianship.

That’s all for today! Thank you!

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