Whispering Woods is a Romanian Symphonic /Gothic Metal which just released a new beautiful album “Perditus Et Dea”. I spoke with Doru, the guitar player, and main composer of the band, about bands latest album and a lot much more. Also, you can find an “Perditus Et Dea” album review here.

Hi and welcome to Metal Maniack pages.First of all, congratulations for your new album “Perditus Et Dea”.I am glad to see that Romanian metal scene, lately has started to produce more and more quality materials.

Hello and thank you for the opportunity! We are also very happy to see that the local metal scene is on its way up! We have many great bands that produce top quality material!

Let’s start with a brief band history from 2008 to present days.I know you have many lineup changes until you managed to reach a stable lineup.It’s hard to accomplish this stability in Romania or is about luck, or both together?

Back in 2008, me and the first bass player started out from scratch. Neither of us have had any significant experience in making music so we had to take it from zero. At that point we didn’t know many people involved in the musical scene so we ‘adopted’ anyone willing to play with us. Since then we basically went through multiple lineup changes until we found the right people.

If you want to have classically trained musicians, you need to find the right person from the few people that enjoy metal as much as classical music and are not only limited to the latter.

It’s no surprise that luck plays an important part in the evolution of any band. Take symphonic metal for example: if you want to have classically trained musicians, you need to find the right person from the few people that enjoy metal as much as classical music and are not only limited to the latter.

Whispering Woods 1Also, since Romania still has a fairly young metal scene, it is indeed harder to find appropriate members… but if you look hard enough they will eventually pop out. We are lucky in this aspect since everyone fits in just perfect.

In 2011, you release the band debut album “Fairy Woods”.I like to hear your opinion about this material, and at the same time, how was recorded, where was mixed, you know, the usual stuff.

Fairy Woods was our first experiment. We had no previous experience recording a full length material so we followed all the instructions we got at the time. Like a child learning how to walk we tried to absorb as much information as we could during the process because we knew we will want to do this again in the future. The overall experience was really great although we are aware that the end product could have been better.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we are not proud of it. It is, after all, our debut album. I am happy that we got it out and I realize it represents an essential step in our development and growth as a band.

The concept around it was really nice and we enjoyed bringing it together. It also sparked the idea for the concept of our second album, so as you can see, it did consolidate the direction that we wanted to follow.

The recordings were made here in Cluj in two separate studios. The drums, vocals and flute were whispering_woods_fairy_woodsrecorded at Luna Studios while the guitars, bass and keys were recorded at Liveset Studios. After that we called Frank Renner, who is and was working with Haggard at the time and he agreed to come and help out with the mix and master.

How was received by both media and metal community?Do you had high expectations about this material?

The reviews were more positive than we would have hoped. Taking into account that we released it in a DIY regime, I think it did pretty good. We didn’t expect much as we saw it more as a greeting card to let people know who we are and what we are about.

If you’re following our feeds we’ll have some news about this album very soon J

In our case the concept comes first. After that, you take bits from it and start converting them into music. This dictates the general character of the songs themselves as they depend on the theme which they describe.

Now let’s talk about your band latest release “Perditus Et Dea”.When do you start to write the new songs, and how long it took to finish this material?Can you describe the writing process?

I remember we started working on the new material even before we got to record the first one. Finishing the entire concept and all the songs took quite a lot. I think it was somewhere around 2 years.

In our case the concept comes first. After that, you take bits from it and start converting them into music. This dictates the general character of the songs themselves as they depend on the theme which they describe.

Behind this album is a conceptual theme.What is the main story and from where did you get this idea?Do you write music or lyrics first?

The main concept behind ‘Perditus et Dea’ is the myth of the Androgynous. My first contact with the theme was in Plato’s Dialogues, where Aristophanes gives a great lecture describing the legend. As all myths, it had great potential for imaginative play, so I thought it would be really awesome to intertwine it with music. I personally loved the idea and creating the concept itself was really easy.

As a general rule of thumb, the music is written before the lyrics, although there are exceptions, of course. The song ‘Farewell Ladybug’ does not even have lyrics at all even though it contains vocal parts. We saw this as a more expressive touch since words would have somehow limited the general feel of what the song tries to induce.

Are you happy with the final result?The final mastering was done by Hiili Hiilesmaa from Finland who collaborated with Amorphis,Swallow The Sun,Him among others.How do you manage to work with him and how was your collaboration?

We are very proud of the final result. The overall work and involvement was huge on behalf of everyone and in the end we got something that matched our expectations.

Hiili is simply awesome. We contacted with him about a year before starting the recordings so we had planned everything out from the beginning. Working with him was a pleasure and honor since he’s a great professional. The communication went smooth and the feedback between both parties was always constructive and fluent.

I really hope we can collaborate again with him in the future.

Whispering Woods 13Please tell us how was this album received compared with your debut, and how you see your band evolution from the first album to this one?

The general feedback was positive, which is really encouraging! We have some great reviews which reflect that some people do listen to the material they get and they provide a really constructive and thorough analysis.

I personally see this second material as a definite sign of evolution. I guess this can apply to most bands that start out from scratch: their second material will most likely be more mature and better than their first… in some aspects at least. You naturally pass through a learning curve.

I know you planning a short tour in Europe.Did you finish it?And if so, how it was and where did you play.Because you are a band with an extended lineup how you manage to plan a tour or a live performance?Is It hard? More live performance in the future?

The tour started and finished in April where we visited some neighboring countries like Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The overall experience was really great! We met some really cool people and got a chance to see the underground metal scene in the rest of Eastern Europe.

Being a band with more people than the average lineup does take its toll on the logistic side of things, but we manage. Everyone in the band knows that this is an important subject and we always find solutions no matter where we go. It just takes careful planning. Since we travel with our sound engineer and more recently with a team of two girls that perform a pyrotechnical and theatrical choreography, we don’t think about how hard it will be logistically but how great the shows will turn out to be J

The only gig in our upcoming agenda for the moment is a show in Bucharest on June 20th. We are really looking forward to it.

We don’t think about how hard it will be logistically but how great the shows will turn out to be.

I forgot to ask you the meaning of your band name and how you find it?

The name of our band was born back in 2008 when we tried to find a suitable pair of words for the music we wanted to create. We were looking for something that could express a subtle link to imagination and feelings. I’m not really sure what most people think of when they hear the name for the first time, but it stuck and we’re happy with it.

You have a video to “Demon Blood” song.Where was filmed and how long it took?How didwhispering_woods_perditus_et_dea you choose this song for a video?

We chose to make a video for Demon Blood since we thought it was the song best suited for such a project. The preparations took a lot of time since we needed to find a good location, a professional crew to film it and props.

The clip was filmed at the castle of Pribilești, near the city of Baia Mare. It took two freezing nights to film all the shots and then 3 months for editing and effects. I am really happy because it turned out even better than we had expected. Everyone was just so involved and excited about the project. A wonderful experience!

Do you want to share with us any future plans from Whispering Woods?

Well, can you keep a secret? As mentioned before, we’ll soon announce some exciting news about our first album, “Fairy Woods”. In the meanwhile, we are actively working on some really cool stuff that covers both second and future albums and something extra. Stay tuned if you want to find out more!

Thank you for this interview and if you want to add something in the end, please do it. 

Thank you as well for this great opportunity and I hope everyone keeps on rocking and supporting the local metal scene!


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