Country: Romania

Year: 2015

Style: Symphonic /Gothic Metal

Label: Loud Rage Music

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Whispering Woods are a Romanian symphonic gothic metal band formed in 2008.They manage to release one demo in 2010, and two albums to date.One in 2011, self-released and this year they signed with new Romanian record label Loud Rage Music and released “Perditus Et Dea”.

First of all I noticed that this material is a high-quality material, with a beautiful and professional artwork that introduce yourself in fantastic and magic world of Whispering Woods.The booklet is full of beautiful and relevant images adding weight to the whole concept which is explained at the end of the booklet with poetic touches.This is art!

This album is a natural progression from the debut on every single chapter: music, sound and conception.I was hooked right from the start with the melancholic atmosphere of the album that guided my steps through the whole fantastic journey.

The alert passages alternate with slow and mid-tempo ones, giving a diversity that is not very common to this genre who tends to bore the listener.Is not the case, this band manage to keep the listener awake and wanting for more right until the very end.Is like a big puzzle.Every piece has a place which in the end give you the big picture.

This album has everything you want from this genre and much more:superb and dramatic musical arrangements, superb soprano voices,superb flutes work, superb guitars, bass and drums lines, superb piano and keys atmosphere and like I said before a superb concept.

The flute adds a very strong progressive feel to the whole album, and in my opinion is the main character in “Perditus Et Dea” fantasy movie, giving a strong identity to this courageous band.The flute player is Catalina Popa who plays also in more known band Haggard.

I could write forever about this album, but I’m afraid that you get bored and is very important that you give a listen to “Perditus Et Dea” album and to form your own opinion about it.

I like to say in the end that I’m very proud and happy because this material is released under a Romanian record label flag, and I expect more in the near future from this record label.Not because is from my country, because is a professional label with soul and people that appreciate the quality of good underground metal bands that deserve a wider audience.


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