CHAPEL – Satan’s Rock’N’Roll

CHAPEL - Satan s Rock N Roll


Country : Canada

Year: 2012

Style: Black/Speed Metal

Label: Invictus Productions

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Who the hell are these guys?Or from where?Or why?Better, why not.This is Satan’s Rock N Roll!This is black metal Motorhead, and with that I think I said everything.If not, let’s go a little more deeper.

Is fast, is dirty,is Hell’N’Roll.Sure, it’s sound like faster Venom or like I said before, Motorhead on black metal wings, but let’s party with guys, it’s a Satan party and you are all invited.I put my boots on and I’m gonna party ‘till morning and then some.It’s better to hurry because this debut album is from 2012, so I guess I’m little late, but no worry I will get there for a feast.

The main course is Motorhead with a lot of Venom topping.Add an extra Carcass vocals flavour and some punk attitude and the result is Chapel’s  first album, with short, fast and sharp like an axe songs, so listen very LOUD!

Sure,nothing’s new under the black sun but I’m an old school metalhead “maniack”,so I’m happy like a baby with plenty of his mother’s milk,or like a pig in the dust…or in the mud,or whatever.This three guys from Canada delivers an old school black/speed metal poisoned potion just for you.So drink it up, it’s good for your ears and for your black soul.

I hope this guys are gonna release another thunder from hell very soon because I’m gonna need it!

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