PERDITION TEMPLE – The Tempter’s Victorious

Perdition Temple - The Tempters Victorious


Country : United States

Year: 2015

Style: Death/Black Metal

Label: Heels Headbangers Records

Rating: 9.5 / 10

Perdition Temple is a five piece death/black metal band from Tampa,Florida,U.S.Do you remember Tampa from death metal glory days?Sure you do.Moreover, this guys aren’t new to the game.They played or still play in legendary bands like Immolation,Angelcorpse,Acheron,Black Witchery to name a few.Do you think is enough? I think is more than enough.

From the first second, you will be assaulted with fast like hell death/black metal riffs full of hate and blasphemy.This guys don’t slow down even if their lives depended on it.Full speed ahead!Guitar work is splendid, filled with solos full of venom.Impurath voice is spitting blasphemy and fire in the listener’s ears while drumming pours a mountain of hot lava to this unholy material.The music reminds me of early Morbid Angel work, and of course Angelcorpse.

Everything about this album is at its best.

It took about five years to release this material, but surely worth the time.Is one of the best albums of this year.Grab your copy now!

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