necroabortion_logoNecroabortion is a very promising death metal band from Argentina. If you want to know more about this band please read the answers we received for Metal Maniack Enjoy !


Hello! I’d like to ask you to start with a brief history of the band Necroabortion. How did you meet and how did you decide to start a band? Have you known each other already?

Hi! The band started in 2004 with Alejandro Russo and Luis Langelotti (former guitarist). After a few changes in the formation, we found Julio Castro and Patricio Olguin, who would be the definitive drummer and bassist. We all knew each other from our neighborhood. Finally in 2009 Langelotti left the band, and in 2010 the band split up.

Have you played in other bands before or Necroabortion was the first attempt?

We had a band with Langelotti called Shit Land, a thrash metal band. Then when it split up we decided to go for death metal.

I think the very first death metal song I listened to was Addicted to Vaginal Skin from Cannibal Corpse

Necroabortion_Transfiguration_of_the_Corpse_1At what age did you start listening to metal and which was the first band that you liked back then?

I think at 7 or 8 I was already listening to my brother´s CDs and Tapes. Bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sepultura, Hermetica, V8, etc…

When have you decided that death metal is the way to go and why?

I think the very first death metal song I listened to was Addicted to Vaginal Skin from Cannibal Corpse, when I listened to those riffs I said “shit! I have to play like that!”

The first material that you released is “Transfiguration Of The Corpse” in 2006. What can you tell us about this album and what expectations had you from it?

It was our first experience in recording anything, and the main reason to record it was to have something to give to the people that went to our shows, so they could have something to listen to when they get home.

The next album you’ve released is “Brutal Misanthropy” in 2008. How do you see the evolution between this two materials and what do you think will come out better?

Though the two albums where mixed by us in home studio, B.M. had more production and you can really notice that. I think it resumes the first part of the band, and songs like Psychotic Omnipotence or N/N anticipates what will come on our next album.

What reactions you received with the release of this album? Are you satisfied with the final result?

The reactions where really good, both in our country and on the internet, where a lot of people commented good stuff about it. That was one of the reasons to come back, so yes, we´re satisfied with it, and we know we can do it better.

What can you tell me about the metal scene in Argentina? There are many extreme metalNecroabortion_11 bands?

The Argentinean scene is growing slowly but going well, today there are many very good active bands. Some like Prion, Eternal Grave, Victimario, Gurglectomy, Abolition of Impediment, Fibroma, Buccal Defecation and many more.

How are the live activities and what bands have you shared the stage with?Which do you think is your best concert so far?

Well we started doing live shows in 2006, and the last one before we split up was in 2010, so we shared stage with many bands from Argentina. I think the best concert is yet to come..

It’s been almost six years since you released the last album. Do you have plans to release a new one? If so, at what stage are you with it?

Yes, we are working on new material right now, hope to have it ready by the middle of this year, a new album full of brutality coming!

The Argentinean scene is growing slowly but going well, today there are many very good active bands.

What have you done during these years when you haven’t recorded anything new? Have you been busy with other musical projects?

Some of us were in some musical projects during those years, which did not get far, fortunately got back and played together again!

Are you in the original lineup now or have made some personnel changes?

At late 2013 we decided to reunite the band, but this time with only one guitar and a new vocalist, Augusto Mosquera.

Now that the year is over, which are your plans for 2014 by Necroabortion?Do you want something special?

The main objetive is to play in as many places as possible, and later present a new album. We have already confirmed several shows for this 2014 and we hope to have many more.

Where can people listen to your music and from where can we buy it? Also please tell us if Necroabortion_Brutal_Misanthropyyou have a website, facebook, twitter, etc..

People can hear, and also buy our album “Brutal Misanthropy” directly from our Bandcamp. Coming soon will post some merch on our Facebook page so stay tuned!
And yes! We have Facebook Page (

Thanks for your answers and please say a few words to Metal Maniack readers.

Alex thank you for supporting the band and for the great interview! And thanks to all the maniacs who are reading this interview, thank you for supporting Necroabortion!

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