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EmbrionalLogoEmbrional is a promising Polish death metal band formed in 2003, who were kind and answered a few questions for Metal Maniack.Polish death metal scene is very well defined with a lot of bands waiting to be discovered by those who like this kind of music. So read on ! 


How has the band EMBRIONAL been formed and how did you meet? Have you ever played together in other bands before EMBRIONAL?

Embrional formed in 2003 by Marcin (guitars, vocals) under a different name, Embrional Necrophilism. In 2005 the lineup crystallized and the three-member root has been constituting the band to this day. Only bass players have been coming and going over the past years. We had known each other before, not as brothers in arts but as maniacs who were enjoying gigs. We live in a large agglomeration in Silesian region, south Poland, and since the middle 80’s there have been lots of metal heads and various events here. Each one of us was in different bands since 90’s but it was nothing serious. Coincidentally, our mutual friend arranged a meeting at a rehearsal and that was the way it all began. We are a pack of fucking awesome friends, supporting and inspiring each other every day. We have been practicing and celebrating regularly since 2005.

When did you realize that you want to sing in a metal band?Embrional_IMG_2313_pub

As for me (Rychu – gitar) it started at the turn of 89 and 90. I’m 5 years older than the rest of the band, so a bit earlier. I got to love metal with every part of my body and mind at the end of 80’s. I was absorbing absolutely everything that concerned the music. The idea to do something on my own, to play with someone, puke crowding emotions made me do something about it. Just like the rest of the band, but several years later.
If you ask me (Camillvs – drums), my story was a bit different. It all began in 95’ when I had the first opportunity to try the drums. My cousin was playing the guitar at that time, and he took me to a rehearsal. It turned out that my other cousin was playing the drums with him, so it was partly a family thing. I had my five minutes with the instrument, and the moment I finished desecrating the drum set I got possessed. A year after the event I founded my first band with my cousin. At the same time I started to explore the world of hand-made music, and to be honest, it was around 97’ when I reached for metal and its extreme varieties.

Who were your idols that have guided this way? What music are you currently listening?

Idols, too superficial and isolated an expression. We listened to and absorbed everything that came out those years. We participated in virtually all events and gigs. Every band brought something new into our world view with their music. Our emotions and character shaped under the influence of all those situations and albums. Certainly, our older colleagues played an important role initiating contact and infecting us with their passion for metal. We still try to cultivate the same rules plus we develop our skills. We, of course, listen to everything that attracted us back in 80’s and 90’s, but we are to date with all current novelties, so our spectrum is vast. There is, though, one condition, the music has to have the something inside that carries away with madness, reeks of devil and evil, and is extraordinary in terms of arrangement and performance. I’m not going to do any name dropping since there are hundreds or even thousands of them.

The scene in your country is very active and gave over time bands of great value. How do you see the metal scene in Poland? Do you have favorite bands in your country? There are many places where you can play in Poland?

The scene Has been well and evolving practically since 80’s. In every subgenre of metal something interesting keeps coming out. New bands form and numerous veterans have returned in glory. We truly have many mighty bands, devoted to the passion, presenting themselves perfectly on records and live. Fucking awesome zines and official magazines that surprise with their knowledge and content. Professional concert clubs, recording studios, perfect sound engineers, labels, etc. Not going to go through names as we want to avoid overlooking anyone J. Probably the only disadvantage is the financial sit which substantially limit expansion of Polish metal in various forms all over the world. There are many things that need changing, since a kind of invisible “iron curtain” is still hanging, but so things go when marketing takes over music.

Embrional_Annihilation_1278_pubHow long did it take to write the songs on “Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors” and how long have you recorded them?

The process of creation took us about 2 years. We have been composing music all that time, but not without problems that seriously slowed everything down. Recording, with breaks, took 6 months, then mix and mastering prolonged due to some family issues concerning Arek Malczewski.

What reactions have you received after the release of the album and how did it increase your activity as a live band?

Generally, we have always been live-active. We perform a lot, because Embrional is primarily a gig band. We like and are able to present ourselves live, to show how devastating our music can be performed in amok, with passion and perfect precision. The great reviews of our album did not change anything in this matter, because, as I mentioned earlier, we worked hard for years to make our gigs destructive. You need to ask people at a concert if Embrional’s live performance met their expectations concerning the album. Invite us and you will see for yourselves, hahaha.

Could you make a brief description of the album?

Ummm, in short on the layer of music and lyrics? As for the essence, the album concerns various human behaviors, irrespective of culture and its time-place relation, which are called perverted or pathological. Musically, it is mental madness and death metal annihilation, hahaha.

Have you played outside the country so far and how often did this happen?

We travelled all over Poland, along with numerous national and foreign bands, but abroad we reached only Czech Republic. We intend to change it after “Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors”. First, we have to show ourselves to the native audience, gain experience and power, infest the closest host and then attack the others, just like a virus.

Where are you now with the band EMBRIONAL and where do you want to get in the future?

Where are we, and how are we about this? We were asked a similar question in Polish “7 Gates of Hell” zine #33 by our friend who supports our doings, and he himself acts possessed spreading the evil music around the world (Greg, Godz.OV.War.Prod.) J. We are where we are thanks to ourselves and many people who have been supporting us in one way or another. It is a very natural process, and a friendly one. And so the answer is going to be similar: we are good about where we are and which path of musical fulfillment we walk. We are proud of who we hang on with, what collective we constitute and the way we are. Everyone of “ours”, hahaha, is over 30 at minimum, so it is not a child play anymore, but a fully fledged personal development. We are glad we can actively participate in the Polish Underground. Someone appreciates what we do, the last material pleases not only our acquaintances. We are satisfied with what we do and have nothing to be ashamed of, we enjoy playing with the current lineup, we create together and inspire each other. What more to wish? Maybe the same but on a greater scale.

I know you record a new album. At what stage are you now and when do you think it will be released?

The oncoming material has already been recorded something between August and December 2013 at Sound Division Studio In Warsaw with Arek ‘Malta’ Malczewski (Behemoth, Decapitated, Lost Soul, Azarath, Thunderbolt, Christ Agony, Armagedon, Hate, Vesania, and others). We are waiting for final mix and mastering results. We have the cover art drawn by Mariusz Krajewski, our designer and logo maker for “Annihilation” demo and “Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors” full album. We are going to look hard for labels who would like to publish the album in Poland and abroad, which we hope to take place in winter/spring 2014.

What changes bring the new material both at musical level and in terms of texts?Did you change Embrional_IMG_456_pubsomething about your sound?

On the musical layer, it is a natural extension of “AAHB”, but with more musical awareness and premeditation. More perfidy in sound and instrument play. We study music. Every instrument is a personality and does its job irrespective of other mates. There are many grim tones, various hidden technical tidbits, odd time signatures, but without plunging into a very technical incomprehensible death metal. It’s full of evil that can be felt under your skin. A really diverse material. Much morbid and hellish atmosphere. Every piece lives its own life but the whole forms a concept. Let’s say it’s a mixture of Possessed, Pestilence and Gorguts J. On the lyrical layer we left the anti-human pathological considerations of the previous album and started to go deeper in our own minds, doings and emotions. And it is done in a very gloomy, complex and psychedelic way, written in the XIXth century poetry style.

Did you already choose a name for the new album?


What do you expect from the new album?

Nothing, apart from destroying the listeners’ minds. We already got our satisfaction as its creators. It is just a certain stage of continuous evolution.

The artwork of the last album was very good. What to expect on the new album and who is the artist who will make artwork for the new album?

We mentioned it before. The cover art designer remains unchanged, and Mariusz Krajewski it is. The style of making, namely, a natural, hand-made fucking drawing, will never be replaced on our albums by some shitty computer graphics. He draws sick things that fit our music.

With whom you liked to play best on the same stage and with whom will you want to sing in the future?

The statement is too general. It would take time to list all the ass kicking and shitty bands. Let’s just say that those who we enjoyed playing with are still in contact with us or became friends and they know it, the rest do not, hehehe.

In which country did you like to play the most?

We promise to answer the question in 10 years, hehehe.

Where did you enjoye the most, where have you had the craziest audience and
where would you like to return for a concert?

Ummm, as you already know, we, Embrional, can only speak of our own backyard, when it comes to gigs, but some of us gained different experience, we visit places as fans. If we were to name a place, it would be South America that kicks ass. Several years ago Poland was such a place, however, ever-present progress has its pros and cons. Generally, there are lots of places in the world we would like to visit and willingly play there.

Do you think anyone can play in a metal band or you have to be made for this?

Hehehehe, fuck, what a question! Everyone does what they want, or think they want. You use your brain, so you understand what you feel or not. Whether you are predisposed to do something or not can have multiple grounds and nobody has researched or explained it in full, but is that any determinant of creativity? Rather not. Certain thought reaches you, so you follow it or not. If you do, you shape the thought in various ways, like music, among others. If you cultivate it, the plant grows, however the history of music features geniuses. There is a very little resemblance between creating and our own creation, birth or other act of procreation, genetics, environment, etc.

How is the current death metal scene in your opinion? How do you think it will evolve in the future?

Every musical genre lives, evolves, pulses no matter the situation. Whether it is popular or not, is the marketing strategy of people who desire to manipulate others for purely financial gains. Of course, over the years certain genres have emerged that fascinated and absolutely left a trace and their followers. They are not the last faces of music to spring in future and death metal along with its toxic branches will surely have a part to play in it.

Embrional-Absolutely_Anti-Human_pubI know that has been a tragedy linked to the band BLAZE OF PERDITION.What happened? If you want to launch a message for our readers, please do so.

The campaign concerning Blaze Of Perdition aimed at raising a certain amount of money to cover the expenses of treatment for the guys injured in the car accident that took place in Austria on their way to a concert, as well as, transportation of the bodies from abroad. A friend of ours died there and the others were heavily injured. If you want to somehow support their families just bid various things from other bands at auction sites. Typing BOP will help to find the right links. It is not the first, neither the last of such incidents.

How do you spend your free time and what new bands have you discovered?

Free time? What’s that? We work 8-10h a day on the average. After work, family, practicing, rehearsals, weekend parties, gigs, various day-to-day pleasures. Generally, we devote every spare moment to music. Listening, creating, studying, things like that. It is our life. The fact that we still can do it having so many other responsibilities kicks ass. Each day we learn something new about music, we follow regularly what is going on here and out there in the world of mainstream, as well as in the Underground.

Which would you choose: CD or vinyl?Do you think the music still selling or an album is just a matter of proven track record?

An album is a physical evidence of recording. It is best if it comes out on the three great media: vinyl, CD and cassette. There is something special about each of them, and there is always someone to collect one of these. What matters is the content, the form is just an addition.

Thanks for the interview and good luck with EMBRIONAL in the future!

Thanks for your interest and support.

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