cauldron-iconGenerally, we deal with albums/DVDs/fanzines/books reviews and interviews with bands/labels/artists.  All published reviews are based on our own opinions so please take them as such.If you cannot cope with a negative review (if necessary), please do not send us your materials.

We review physical and digital materials submitted to us, but physical ones will be reviewd with priority. We accept CD,LP and TAPE media formats. Please don’t send us any nu-metal, mallcore, metalcore or deathcore because we don’t cover this kind of music. Also please note that we do this in our free time, so we publish the materials as soon we can.Please make sure that your materials are well packed.

No received material will be returned to the sender, if you want your material returned please don’t send it in the first place!

To send us your material, please contact us via e-mail to give you our snail mail address, and also notify us by e-mail when you send us your materials. In return, we will notify you when we publish your review or interview with your band/artist. For this, it would be very useful if you would register to our website newsletter, and add us on Facebook , Twitter.


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  1. 04/01/2016

    […] you want to send us a material for a review, please read our review policy.Also, if you want your band to be interviewed by us, please read our interview […]

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